August 1, 2018

New design trends often rely on mixed media for a modern look, and the modern desert movement is no different. The following products combine natural wood with simple iron, stone and other elements for a new twist on southwestern living.

Rectangular Balusters. The combination of wood and iron fits well with the modern desert trend. These ornamental yet simple iron balusters from Nuvo Iron™ are framed by stained wood for a complementary look that goes well with wood or vinyl decking. Learn more here >>

Modinex Privacy Screens. Outdeco USA’s privacy screens and design panels have interior and exterior applications as decorative art or for concealing eyesores, such as air conditioning equipment or trash bins, or as privacy screens for pools and backyards. Inside, they become decorative walls for screening front doors or other areas. The panels are available in leafy patterns that match many modern desert elements. Learn more here >>

PolyTEAK All Weather Furniture. Consumers who like the look of natural wood but don’t like the hassle of maintaining wood products may appreciate PolyTEAK furniture products from Red Oak Creation, LLC. PolyTEAK looks and feels like teak but is made from recyclable resin wood that requires no maintenance. Learn more here >>

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