September 28, 2018

These three products from the 2018 New Products categories are designed to help consumers clean up after the storms have passed, and get rid of the nasty things too much water can leave behind.

5-Minute Mold Test Kit. After a flooding issue, consumers want to know if mold is present and what type of mold it is to treat properly. A test kit from Alexeter Technologies answers questions quickly, with patented technology that shows results within five minutes, so users know right away if there are dangerous molds. Learn more here >> 

Mold Bomb Fogger. With its unique delivery system, Mold Bomb Fogger can help eliminate current mold issues and prevent future growth. Disinfects surfaces and suppresses molds, including black mold, and eliminates viruses such as influenza and other pathogens. Available in single can, a six-can case, or as part of Biocide’s Clean Sweep Plus Remediation Kit. Learn more here >>

Pro-Performance Pivoting Blower Utility Fan. Circulating air helps areas to dry faster, and the Pro-Performance Pivoting Blower from Lasko® can help. It has three speeds, two 120-volt outlets for accessories and a directional fan head that put the air where it’s most needed. The circuit breaker with reset adds an extra layer of safety in wet areas. Learn more here >>

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