September 28, 2018

Mold, mildew, smoke residue and other stains are not decorating statements most consumers want to make. These three products can help alleviate stains and restore homeowners’ much-loved spaces.

Prime Lock Plus. Manufactured by Benjamin Moore, INSL-X Prime Lock Plus is formulated to cover and seal stains caused by a variety of issues, including water and smoke, preventing bleed-through. It can be used on multiple surfaces, including those that have previously been painted, and forms a consistent primed surface for paint application. Learn more here >> 

Concrobium Duo Blast Mold and Mildew Deep Stain Remover. With Reactor Technology™, Duo Blast provides directed cleaning to where it’s needed most. The convenient spray bottle mixes cleaning agents as it sprays, creating the action to power out most embedded stains on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, drywall, fabric and tile. The no-bleach formula is fabric-safe. Learn more here >>

ProClean Ultimate™ Cleaner & Degreaser. ProClean Ultimate ™, a professional-grade cleaner available for consumers, is formulated to clean a wide variety of materials, from fabric and wood to masonry. It eliminates multiple types of stains and odors, including molds, algae, animal waste, grease, oil, road tar, oxidation and more. Learn more here >>

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