September 28, 2018

Many products that can be used for remediation storm or water damage can also be utilized for taking care of pet and livestock areas. Here are three products that serve dual purpose:

TV1 Indoor Wet Dry Vacuum. A new product at the 2018 National Hardware Show, this indoor wet/dry vacuum from Kärcher is lightweight and portable, making it convenient for quick cleanup while still providing the power needed to get the job done thoroughly.  The vacuum switches easily between wet and dry options, and the tool kit comes complete with a turbo pet hair removal tool. Learn more here >> 

PBJ-16 Battery-Powered Backpack Sprayer. After flood waters have receded, damp pastures and stables can become breeding grounds for insects, molds and other pathogens and pests, leaving animals in danger of illness or infection. The Battery-Powered Backpack Sprayer from Jacto can help consumers treat larger and hard-to-reach areas, reducing the risk of future pest problems. Sprayer has consistent power (even when the battery is low), polyethylene tank, padded adjustable straps, adjustable nozzle and 4-gallon capacity, 4-hour run time and 6-hour charging. Learn more here >> 

The Alpha Shovel. Whether it’s shoveling mud and debris out of a barn, or breaking up ice and snow from critical walkways, the Alpha 2 Shovel ™ from DMOS Collective is a portable powerhouse. When taken apart for storage, this 3-inch-deep product can be tucked away behind a truck seat or in a backpack, but when extended, it’s 61-inch length and 4-pound weight gives users the leverage needed to get the job done without the fatigue that sets in quickly with heavier grain-scoop style shovels. Available in serrated and flat-scoop styles. Learn more here >> 

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