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A Recipe for Selling More Slow Cookers

September 27, 2016

Fall is in the air, and winter is right around the corner, and with the colder seasons (and the holidays), consumers will be turning to heartier comfort foods to warm them up and make them feel more connected to family and home. With this in mind,...

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5 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Recreation Niche

September 13, 2016

More people are enjoying the great outdoors, whether it’s in their own backyard or in one of the many public parks or green spaces available across the country. And, according to the Outdoor Industry Association, Americans spend $120.7 billion on...

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Gearing Up for Fall Cleanup

September 7, 2016

Fall is only a couple of weeks away, and home and garden fall cleanup is not far behind. With back-to-school already under their belts, consumers are looking forward to the upcoming holidays, and are already gearing up to tackle those projects meant...

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How to Host a Pet Microchip and ID Day

August 30, 2016

Hardware and home improvement stores are an integral part of any community, and often, they can be central hubs of community activity. Community cleanup days, holiday DIY workshops, and other special events can help to draw customers to the store,...

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Promoting Contractors is a Win-Win for Retailers

August 23, 2016

Most retailers rely on some level of contractor business, whether through a lumberyard that caters to builders or by supplying a handful of local tradespeople with parts and products they need to complete their work. No matter the percentage of...

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Who is the Inventor Lady?

August 10, 2016

One of the hundreds of exhibitors at the 2016 National Hardware Show® was The Inventor Lady. The Inventor Lady, Rita Crompton, is the founder of FLeCusa International, a resource and consulting provider that helps new and existing inventors...

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Women’s Work Wear

August 3, 2016

Whether its working on a landscaping project, taking care of livestock on the ranch, or being part of a construction crew, women are demanding heavy-duty work wear that is comfortable and performs well for the task at hand. One company women can...

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DEET Alternatives for Insect Repellants

July 27, 2016

For close to 50 years, DEET has been an industry staple in the fight against mosquitos and other biting insects. However, due to some factors, such as the feel of product on skin, its negative effects on some fabrics and other materials, and because...

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Guiding Customers to Online Resources

July 12, 2016

In the age of information, consumers can become overwhelmed when seeking solutions for their home improvement and gardening needs. While retail staff can be a wealth of information and do a great deal to assist consumers, sometimes even they don’t...

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Fairy Gardens Still On Trend

July 6, 2016

For the past couple of years, fairy gardens have gained and maintained popularity among those who enjoy whimsical container gardens. 2016 proves no different as consumers continue to exercise their creative side, adding new flair, as well as new...

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