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Decorating Walls with Tape

December 23, 2015

For some, décor limitations exist. Apartment dwellers and dorm residents are oftentimes restricted from dramatically changing the look of their spaces; there are rules against painting the walls, hanging picture frames, or installing shelves....

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Storm Prep Checklist for Homeowners

December 16, 2015

  When severe weather looms, many consumers race to buy supplies they might need during an emergency. For hardware and home improvement retailers, this means items such as batteries and flashlights will be in high demand, as will other items...

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Creating a Technology Niche

December 9, 2015

Technology is increasingly becoming more integrated with every aspect of daily life, and consumers are demanding newer and more innovative products to give them more control over the day-to-day management of their personal life. Given this trend,...

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Cold Weather Tips for Small Livestock & Pet Wellness

December 2, 2015

Winter is almost here, and many livestock owners are in preparation mode to make certain their animals will survive the cold months ahead. Retailers can help by carrying select products and materials consumers need to keep their small livestock...

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Repurposing Live Holiday Decorations

November 25, 2015

Most people agree that live decorations during the holidays add nostalgic character to the home, but some consumers, concerned about the mess and waste of live decorations, steer clear of lawn and garden departments during the holidays. Retailers...

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Toolbox Gift List for First-time Homeowners

November 18, 2015

The purchase of a first home is a happy occasion, and many times, those close to the first-time buyer want to give gifts that help make a house a home. Below is a gift guide to help with the inevitable projects and repairs that come with...

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Products designed for allergen reduction

November 11, 2015

As fall and winter approach, consumers will spend more time indoors, and as a result, spend more time exposed to indoor allergens. To combat the itchy eyes and sneezing that goes along with this exposure, consumers will be on the lookout for...

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Winter Prep: Proper Outdoor Lighting

November 4, 2015

As the days grow shorter, preparing home exteriors for winter becomes a priority. Not only does this include fall yard cleanup and winterization of irrigation systems, it also means taking stock of outdoor electrical projects, especially home...

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Encouraging a Fire Evacuation Plan

October 27, 2015

According to the National Fire Protection Association (, there were close to 370,000 residential fires resulting in close to 3,000 deaths in 2013.  Being prepared for the possibility of a home fire increases chances for survival...

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Fall Prep for Winter Wild Bird Care

October 20, 2015

Fall is the perfect time to encourage bird enthusiasts to add a backyard bird sanctuary. According to the Wild Bird Feeding Industry (WBFI), one of the biggest problems facing birds is loss of habitat. Establishing and maintaining a backyard bird...

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