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Tools & Hardware: Increasing Speed & Comfort

September 26, 2017

Lining up materials right the first time, adjusting to fit user needs and helping to clean up in short order are just some of the things ease-of-use products in this category can do. Bionic Wrench. A 2017 Hardware Retailing Retailers’ Choice...

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Tools & Hardware: Portable Power and Light

September 20, 2017

During natural disasters and emergency situations, power and light can be vital to survival. Even in minor situations, access to power can prevent greater tragedies. Here are three devices that can help. Jump-Starter & USB Charger. The size...

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Power Tools and Hardware: In Miniature

August 8, 2017

Adults know that having the right tools and supplies for a job can make projects more enjoyable, and kids are no different. Here are three items that can help kids get fully into their DIY projects. Stanley Jr® Toolsets: Offered by Reeves...

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Power Tools & Hardware: Safe and Secure Products

August 1, 2017

Keeping job sites safe and clean is important to professionals. Providing these new products will help pro customers get the job done safely, cleanly and on time. Varionet Safety Glasses. Poor vision can hinder a professional’s performance and...

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Power Tools & Hardware: Not Just for the Home

July 11, 2017

Power tools and other hardware items are not only for use in the home or at the job site. Here are three products from the category that are also handy when travelling. Tie Boss®. Useful for tying things down or hoisting them overhead, the Tie...

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Power Tools & Hardware: Products for Patriots

July 5, 2017

Patriotic marketing can grab consumer attention year-round by highlighting the Made in America brand. One of the products below received an award at the 2017 National Hardware Show for its red-white-and-blue-themed marketing, but it wasn’t the...

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Power Tools & Hardware: Retailer’s Choice Awards

June 20, 2017

Retailer’s Choice Awards are handed out every year at the National Hardware Show. This year, 36 products were recognized. Below are three innovative tools that that were honored. Stud Sensor by Franklin Sensor. These stud sensors rely on...

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Power Tools & Hardware: Doing Double Duty

June 6, 2017

Paint professionals and DIYers use many products in the Power Tools & Hardware category to make tasks easier, safer and more efficient, like these three products that stood out at the 2017 National Hardware Show. SoftSeal® Respirators....

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Power Tools & Hardware: Horizontal Fencing

May 23, 2017

One trend that has been showing up recently in various media and landscapes is horizontal fencing. Whether they are contractor-installed or DIY-built, there are several products across categories that could be helpful in creating that popular look,...

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Power Tools & Hardware: Keeping Tools Close at Hand

May 16, 2017

Both DIYers and professionals benefit from having their tools nearby and readily accessible when working on projects. Three new products designed to keep tools and supplies within reach were among those featured at the Show. Monkey Klamp, by...

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