Housewares: Durability and Reliability Are the Name of the Game

October 17, 2017

Smart items for the home need to be durable and reliable to keep customers from returning to your store in frustration rather than as a satisfied repeat shopper. Check out these three exhibitors that have made reliability and durability a...

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Housewares: Decorate With Ease

October 4, 2017

Your customers will create instant holiday cheer with these three decor items designed to make setup and teardown a snap. Christmas Car Tree. The Christmas spirit can now travel with your customers thanks to suction cups and four stabilizing...

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Housewares: Doing Dual-Duty

September 26, 2017

From shopping, to cooking to cleaning, the Housewares category has several items to make daily chores simpler. Here are three products that fit the bill: Toastilla. Have you ever wanted a quesadilla or pocket sandwich with a crispy exterior, but...

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Housewares: Small Devices Save Lives

September 20, 2017

Small devices can have a big impact on customers’ lives, ensuring their safety in emergency situations like the devices below. OWL Open Window for Life™. Located in the Inventor's Spotlight at the 2017 National Hardware Show®, this new...

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Housewares: Eliminate Pests in the Home

August 29, 2017

Wildlife often tries to find its way into homes either for food or shelter. Here are three products meant to keep pests out or get rid of them if they make it in. Dynatrap Insect and Mosquito Trap Sonata Series. Dynamic Solutions Worldwide LLC...

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Housewares: Cooking & Composting

July 19, 2017

These three kitchen appliances were designed for convenience and ease of use as well as to enhance existing appliances and encourage healthy living. They don’t take up too much real estate in the pantry or cupboard. Toastilla™. Engineered to...

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Housewares: Make Life Easier

July 11, 2017

Camping, shopping and the daily commute all have their obstacles, but these three products provide consumers ways to overcome the hassles they sometimes face when on the go. Ezyline Pegless Clothesline. Whether in the great outdoors or wherever a...

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Housewares: Dual Purpose Saves Space

June 27, 2017

Consumers appreciate household products that take up minimal space, offer them convenience when working or serve dual purposes. OPCOM Farm Grow Frame. Releasing to market in July 2017, this new product gives consumers the option of utilizing...

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Housewares: HomeWorld® Business Magazine Awards

June 20, 2017

HomeWorld® Business magazine honored the following innovative vendors and manufacturers in the Housewares category with the Homewares Awards presented at the 2017 National Hardware Show. Gold Winner: Lasko Products Ceramic Bathroom Heater....

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Housewares: Bring in the Good, Keep out the Bad

June 13, 2017

Whether it’s putting a bit of sparkle into a space or having an appliance that is both useful and decorative, there are many housewares items that bring in a nature feel to make a house a...

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