Pet Products

Pet Personalization Products

January 13, 2016

Pets are a large part of many households. Many are treated less like pets and more like members of the family. This is increasingly evident by the millions of dollars consumers spend each year on products designed for making pets happy and...

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Tips for Capturing Sales in Pet Accessories

December 23, 2015

Consumers spend billions of dollars every year on products for their pets, and that’s not counting food or veterinary services. Winter spending on pets is on the rise as pets are increasingly considered members of the family, and the products...

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Cleaning Up After Fido

December 9, 2015

According to the ASPCA (, there are more than 70 million dogs sharing the couches, beds and backyards in households across the United States. And with all of those dogs, there is a lot of cleanup that takes place to ensure that home and...

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Products to Entertain Pets While Home Alone

November 18, 2015

According to the American Pet Products Association, ( consumers are projected to spend $60 billion on pet products and services in 2015. While this figure includes food and veterinary care, a growing portion of what pet...

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Going Batty

October 27, 2015

While the thought of bats flying around gives some people the creeps, bats are actually very beneficial. They control populations of unwanted insects, such as mosquitos, and some even help to pollinate plants. Unfortunately, the loss of...

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3 Convenient Pet Products For Owners On the Go

October 7, 2015

Pet owners can track pets' whereabouts, let them outside or even say “hello” with these handy items. Convenience is a growing reason people upgrade their homes, and pet products are no exception. And with pet owners expected to spend more than...

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