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Simple Facelift: Light Switch Faceplates

March 2, 2016

Small finishing touches really pull the overall look of a room together, and one finishing touch that consumers sometimes don’t think about is the light switch faceplate. This utilitarian item is often thought of as just a bland necessity—a...

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Linear Shower Drains

February 3, 2016

Today’s sleek and modern bath designs seek to eliminate disruptions to the visual flow of a space, and this includes the interruption caused by traditional drains in showers. One way for consumers to achieve a modern look without this break in...

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Trends in Water Reclamation

January 13, 2016

While the use of captured rainwater is a tested and popular trend, the demand for other water reclamation techniques and products is growing, especially in drought-prone regions and among environmentally minded households. One such trend in...

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Latest in Power Generators

December 16, 2015

Strong storms and winter weather have high potential for causing power outages, some of which can be long-lasting. To maintain a limited amount of electrical service, many homeowners turn to generators for powering critical appliances and...

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In-Home Water Purification and Filtration

November 25, 2015

From the chemicals they use to the food they eat, today’s consumers are concerned about keeping things inside the home as healthy as possible, and this is especially true when it comes to their drinking water. Everything from stories about...

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Winter Prep: Proper Outdoor Lighting

November 4, 2015

As the days grow shorter, preparing home exteriors for winter becomes a priority. Not only does this include fall yard cleanup and winterization of irrigation systems, it also means taking stock of outdoor electrical projects, especially home...

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High-Tech Showerheads

November 4, 2015

The morning routine is changing with the introduction of high-tech showerheads. Ranging from wireless connectivity to the complete sensory experience, showers can be customized to fit any lifestyle, providing ample opportunities for retailers to...

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Drought Renews Interest in Rain Water Collection

October 14, 2015

With the recent droughts in California, and water concerns growing throughout the country, consumers are looking for ways to conserve water and save on utility bills. Water storage systems, such as cisterns and rain barrels, have been growing in...

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