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Boost Sales with Innovative In-Store Displays

December 27, 2016

A creative store display showcases a product and highlights its best features in a way that customers will remember and also makes customers more likely to buy the product. Below are three examples of hardware retailers who have had success with...

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Join the Chalkboard Revival

December 13, 2016

Most hardware retailers are familiar with chalkboard paint, but few put it to use it in their stores. Below are two creative ways retailers can use chalkboard paint for in-store marketing. Chalkboard paint and shelving: Paint a wall near or...

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In-Store Marketing: The Benefits of Shelf Talkers

December 7, 2016

As a marketing tool, shelf talkers may be small in concept and size, but they can have a big impact on sales, serving as a silent salesperson that persuades and directs customers through product information and store updates. One retail industry...

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2 Activities for Pets & Their Owners

November 29, 2016

For home improvement centers with popular pet product niches, in-store activities for pets and their owners are a great way to promote new products and show loyal customers with pets some appreciation. Pet activities held during slow traffic times...

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Animal Mascots Draw Customers

November 22, 2016

Step into any little shop in Europe, or even some places in Canada, and you will most likely find a dog or cat lounging sleepily under a table display or in the store window. In the states, however, in-store pets are less common, but maybe they...

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3 Kid-Friendly Activities for Hardware Retailers

November 9, 2016

When the busy holiday season is over and you’re looking for ways to draw customers into the store during the slow traffic months of January and February, you may want to consider hosting a family event. During the dreary winter season, parents are...

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Why Host a Network Gathering

November 1, 2016

A chamber of commerce membership comes with many benefits. It connects business owners in the community for the purpose of furthering their interests and, as studies have shown, it can also be a powerful marketing tool. According to a national...

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Using Color to Sell Products

October 25, 2016

Color is a powerful merchandising tool. According to the Color Marketing Group, colors help products sell and can even determine price points. So how can retailers take advantage of the power of color to sell more products in store? By using colors...

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Using Fragrance to Sell

October 11, 2016

Research has proven that homey, comforting scents can help sell a house by making potential buyers feel connected to it, which is why real estate agents tell homeowners to bake a batch of cookies or light candles before a showing as a way to create...

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2 Tips for Highlighting Your Logo

October 4, 2016

A company’s logo is at the heart of its branding, and most retailers have put significant thought, including determining color, size and shape, into creating a single image that not only sets the tone for their companies’ brands, but also serves...

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