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Local Passion Drives Niche

February 1, 2017

As many retailers know, the best niches develop out of a need or a passion. Taylor’s Do It Center, with 11 locations in Virginia and North Carolina, recently developed a niche in response to a growing local passion for a popular lawn game. As...

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Supplying Solar Products

January 10, 2017

As whole-home solar power continues to grow in interest and popularity, retailers who carry electric components for contractors and DIYers may want to consider carrying solar kits or some of the individual components needed for installing or...

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Vertical Toy Storage

November 9, 2016

For parents, being able to control their children’s toys is a must, but not all spaces are sizeable enough for large storage furniture. Vertical storage provides a solution to this problem, freeing up valuable floor space while keeping the room...

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Latest in Jig Tools

November 1, 2016

Contractors and DIYers alike will tell anyone that having the right tool for the job makes the task go quicker and easier. This is especially true when discussing repetitive tasks, such as installing cabinet hardware. One such tool exhibited at...

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How Retailers Can Take Advantage of Popular Online DIY Sites

September 7, 2016

As more consumers turn to the Internet for how-to advice and instructions for do-it-yourself projects, retailers have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the phenomenon. While your store may run the occasional workshop, utilizing online DIY...

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