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Lawn Tractor Accessories

January 24, 2017

Sometimes consumers just want a little bit of style in even the most mundane items, even lawn mowers. That is where Wheelies™ Tractor Wheel Covers™ by Good Vibrations come in. One of the winners of the coveted Retailers’ Choice Award at the...

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Organize Your Wheelbarrow

January 24, 2017

Spring will be here before we know it, and with springtime comes post-winter lawn and garden cleanup, as well as the beginning of the planting season, meaning that consumers will be out in force looking for products to help them perform outdoor...

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2 Top-Selling Houseplants

December 27, 2016

Research indicates that having plants inside the home does wonders for improving interior air quality. Many popular houseplants fit the bill when it comes to improving air quality, and luckily, most are hearty as well, needing only minimal...

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3 Popular Indoor and Outdoor Mats

November 29, 2016

Inclement weather can destroy interior floors. Kids, pets or anyone coming into a living space from outside can drag in all sorts of grit and grime, leading to scratched hardwood and carpet that wears out faster than it should. That’s when...

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Latest in Expansion Joint Compounds

November 9, 2016

Expansion joints in driveways and sidewalks are a necessary component of the fixture. However, they can become collection points for dirt and debris and can be the perfect place for unsightly weeds to grow. Often, consumers will use either wood or...

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4 Fun Novelty Planters

October 11, 2016

Whether trying to show off their own personalities, or buying gifts for friends and loved ones, consumers look for products that are eye-catching, and that speak to them on a humorous or emotional level. Below are four new novelty planters that are...

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Water Features for Small Spaces

September 13, 2016

The human body is comprised of over 70 percent water, and there is something soothing and elemental about incorporating the sight and sound of water within a garden, even if the space is small, or consists of only a patio or balcony. Luckily, water...

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Creative Bug Deterrents for Outdoor Spaces

August 23, 2016

Two new products seen at the 2016 National Hardware Show® were created to help consumers deal with pesky flying insects. ShooAway is a tabletop product that literally shoos flies away. The unit’s soft, horizontally rotating blades are covered...

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Making Outdoor Spaces More Like Indoor Spaces

August 10, 2016

The trend of bringing the comfort of indoor spaces outside when it comes to entertaining is still going strong. Not only are outdoor kitchens popular, but outdoor lounge and seating areas also continue to trend toward a living room aesthetic. One...

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Decorative Outdoor Speakers

August 3, 2016

Attractive dual-purpose products have been a consumer desire for a very long time, and one such multipurpose item is the Solar Audio Table from Jay Trends. This outdoor entertaining product is not only useful as a table, but carries LED lighting...

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