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SPECIAL REPORT: 5 Trends in Outdoor Living

March 21, 2017

Spring has sprung, and consumers will be looking to refresh and renew their outdoor living spaces. Decks, patios, yards and other landscaping are all in line for seasonal updates, so here are a few trends that consumers might be interested in...

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New Furniture Paint

March 1, 2017

One of the trends shared by the DIY and green movements is the use of paint to refresh tired furniture that would otherwise be destined for the curb. By painting items such as furniture or cabinetry, consumers can extend the life of their piece,...

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SPECIAL REPORT: 2017 Color Trends

October 18, 2016

Color Trend Forecast for 2017 Paint manufacturers have released their top color predictions for the New Year. Restlessness, adventure and individuality, along with trends from the runway, movies, eco-living, the foodie movement, and world events,...

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