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What’s New in Small Appliances

What’s New in Small Appliances

July 19, 2017

As seen in the New Product World at the National Hardware Show, small to midsize appliances are the bread and butter for many retailers.  They take...

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3 Pet Training Categories

March 28, 2017

Whether eliminating a bad habit or preparing for outdoor sporting activities, having the right products can make the process of training pets easier,...

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New Grooming Tool

March 1, 2017

One of the newest products for pets came out of a KickStarter crowdfunding campaign and helps owners more conveniently groom their pets. AquaPaw...

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Gluten-Free Pet Food

February 7, 2017

Specialty diets aren’t just for humans. Many pet owners are looking for pet foods that reduce or eliminate fillers and byproducts from their...

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Popular Loose Bin Treats for Dogs

January 10, 2017

Dog treats don’t always come in a box or bag. Loose bin dog treats give consumers the option to buy the quantity they need, rather than a...

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4 Gifts for Pets

December 13, 2016

Dogs, cats and other family pets deserve holiday gifts, too, so why not carry a selection for your customers to choose from. This can include treats,...

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New Bird Feeder Captures the Moment

November 22, 2016

Wild bird enthusiasts appreciate the ability to get close up views and photos of their favorite birds, but getting close can be difficult without the...

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Stress-Free Pet Dryer

November 1, 2016

Pets are an important part of many consumers’ lives, and keeping them clean is an important part of maintaining pets’ health and happiness. But...

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Attracting Wild Birds

September 7, 2016

Bird watching can be an enjoyable pastime, but sometimes, going to the great outdoors just isn’t possible. Luckily there are products available...

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How to Host a Pet Microchip and ID Day

August 30, 2016

Hardware and home improvement stores are an integral part of any community, and often, they can be central hubs of community activity. Community...

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