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Homewares: Durability and Reliability Are the Name of the Game

October 17, 2017

Smart items for the home need to be durable and reliable to keep customers from returning to your store in frustration rather than as a satisfied repeat shopper. Check out these three exhibitors that have made reliability and durability a...

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Housewares: Small Devices Save Lives

September 20, 2017

Small devices can have a big impact on customers’ lives, ensuring their safety in emergency situations like the devices below. OWL Open Window for Life™. Located in the Inventor's Spotlight at the 2017 National Hardware Show®, this new...

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9 New Emergency & Safety Products

September 20, 2017

With hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes appearing in the news daily, hardware retailers need to be prepared not only for emergencies in their own corner of the world, but also in their greater communities since hardware and lumber retailers serve...

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Power Tools & Hardware: Safe and Secure Products

August 1, 2017

Keeping job sites safe and clean is important to professionals. Providing these new products will help pro customers get the job done safely, cleanly and on time. Varionet Safety Glasses. Poor vision can hinder a professional’s performance and...

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Lawn & Garden: Protection and Prevention

May 9, 2017

The following new lawn and garden supplies protect plantings and lawns from drought while preventing injury from repetitive yard chores. Scotts EveryDrop™ Water Maximizer for Lawns and Landscapes. Battle drought and warmer temperatures with...

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Paint & Accessories: Hand Protectors

May 2, 2017

A painter’s most valuable tool is not a ladder or even rollers or brushes. It’s their hands. The following products protect hands and arms, so pros can do their job in comfort. Freehand DIY Anti-Fatigue Paint Brush Handle from GalaxG Tools....

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Tool Belts with Back Support

March 7, 2017

DIYers and contractors alike want to mitigate potential injuries while performing tasks. The use of safety products, such as back support belts, can help prevent certain injuries on the jobsite. Some include: Occidental Leather®: Belt-free...

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Outdoor Security Cameras

November 1, 2016

Many consumers are very aware of outdoor security camera footage seen on the nightly news that shows everything from packages stolen from porches, to burglars breaking into homes, to the more humorous antics of neighborhood animal life. With the...

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Special Report: Home Safety Product Trends

September 21, 2016

Home safety is one of the top priorities of homeowners and renters alike, but it’s also one that doesn’t receive a lot of thought until it is needed. Retailers can help keep home security top of mind for customers by creating displays that pull...

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